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Peter Mercanti Holdings Inc. is a Hamilton-based company, which has been built on the success of various business ventures within the food manufacturing, hospitality and entertainment industries. 

Mercanti Specialty Foods Inc.


Mercanti Specialty Foods Inc. believes that the freshest ingredients create the most authentic tasting products.

Our commitment to this philosophy reflects in our high expectations for Food Quality & Safety, producing superior quality products and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Our brand new facility is scheduled to open in 2021 and will produce the very best in Italian style food products such as prepared frozen food options, fresh pastas and sauces. 

Mama Yolanda's 


At Mama Yolanda’s we pride ourselves in the pursuit of perfection. With our Gourmet Lasagna we make no exception.

Every ingredient we use is of the freshest nature; all our items are finely prepared and perfectly measured to ensure the same great taste every time you enjoy a piece of Mama Yolanda’s Lasagna.


Hamilton is Home

Peter Mercanti Holdings Inc. is situated in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Strongly committed to providing branded products and services of superior quality and value to the people within its community, surrounding areas and ultimately North America. 

December 9th

Mama Yolanda's Gourmet Lasagna officially embarks on their journey to become the best frozen lasagna option in the market with their line of frozen lasagnas in local supermarkets and specialty food stores. Frozen (family size) dinners are heating up sales at grocery stores, as busy families are seeking healthy and convenient options for dinner time. Mama Yolanda's Gourmet Lasagna offers a quality and wholesomeness rarely found in other frozen food options available in the frozen food aisles. 

November 18th
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