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Mercanti Specialty Foods Inc.

Mercanti Specialty Foods Inc. will be located on the Hamilton Mountain at 1800 Upper James Street in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Building concept design by Romanov Romanov ARCHITECTS INCORPORATED

Capitalizing on the current success of the existing lasagna manufacturing on a smaller scale at Mama Yolanda’s Gourmet Lasagna and the current 60 Harlowe Road operation; Peter Mercanti Holdings Inc. will be opening a larger manufacturing facility to gain economies of scale and increase production.

Mercanti Specialty Foods Inc. will continue to create a superior product that will be unmatched in taste and quality currently found in the wholesale lasagna market. The unique manner in which this product is constructed along with the type of ingredients used in its recipes will be the factors that will make this a “super premium” product. By becoming CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) compliant, we will be able to set-up distribution to the wholesale market and export the product across North America. Our frozen lasagna products have performed tremendously well in the Southern Ontario marketplace, gaining more interest in areas we are currently unable to service due to location and government regulations. With a larger, CFIA regulated facility, Mama Yolanda’s Gourmet Lasagna will be made available in new markets interested in carrying our products. The products that will be offered through wholesale will consist of the traditional Italian meat lasagna, several internationally inspired options featuring ingredients commonly used in the specific country that lasagna represents, as well as vegetarian and gluten free options. 

This project is well underway and is scheduled to open its doors in 2021.

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